Proof of Purchase Grain Seals Help Feed the Horses!

Sending in proof of purchase seals from Triple Crown, Southern States, and Legends horse feeds is an amazing -- and easy -- way to help feed the rescue horses. We are so grateful that people do this for Mylestone, and also, for one special young lady and her mom who helped us sort out the seals we'd accumulated so we could redeem them.

Erin with all the grain seals she and her mom sorted and bundled.

Meet Erin - this summer we were fortunate to have Erin and her mom Cheryl help out at the farm for a school project. Erin has three horses of her own and also rides and competes in horse show competitions. Her mom helps her care for the horses and enjoys grooming and supporting Erin in her love of horses.

Erin and her mom volunteered for a week at the farm helping us with various chores. They mucked stalls, and helped with feeding and watering the horses. They also enjoyed brushing several of the horses. One of their favorites was Mini Pearl.

Erin meets Scout while helping with barn chores, and is clearly delighted!

Erin and Cheryl also took on the huge task of sorting all the proof of purchase labels from Triple Crown, Southern States, and Legends horse feeds. Many of these proofs are donated and mailed to us as well as coming off all the bags of grain we use, too. These symbols are able to be redeemed for money for the horses and free grain. It was a time consuming and tedious task but when I batched up everything they had done to mail out, we had over $730 in proofs of purchase labels! All their hard work really paid off!

Erin and Cheryl are going to continue helping out on the farm on Monday mornings this summer. If you'd like to give Erin and Cheryl some more sorting and counting to do AND help feed the horses, please send in the proof of purchase seals from the grains mentioned to us here at Mylestone! Thank you!

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