There'll Be No Open House 2019

As always, we have been getting inquiries about Open House this year. Doing our best for the horses is always uppermost in our minds, and from time to time that means reevaluating what we do. We recently had to make the very difficult decision to not hold our annual Open House this year.

Unfortunately, we just don’t have enough help to pull off the event, and that means that the vast majority of the physical work is left to those of us here at the farm. Knowing that we will have even less help this year than last year, all the prep work before and on the day of the event will fall on the very tired shoulders of one or two people. Under these circumstances, holding Open House is impossible. We’ve also noticed that the older the horses get, the more stressful each Open House seems to be on them. The past few years we have had horses colic the night of Open House. Another year one of the horses got very ill and nearly died because he was fed something he shouldn’t have been. We are now concerned for the well-being of our horses at such a big event.

Not holding Open House was an extremely difficult choice to make because we also raise a lot of money for the horses. This leaves us wondering how we will generate these funds. However, don’t let the lack of Open House stop you from coming to visit the horses. We are happy to schedule tours by appointment so you can visit the farm. Call or email us for more details. We want you to see the wonderful horses to whom your donations make a difference every day. The horses still very much need you.

We are also looking into new possibilities for smaller events, both on and off the farm, and are open to your suggestions and possible fundraising/event ideas. Thank you for understanding and for your continued support. Please feel free to contact us if you have ideas to help the horses!














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