Remembering Our Beautiful Madeline

Madeline was an icon on our farm for the last 19 years. I purchased her in 2000 from a dealer that was selling her online with a broken elbow. She had been kicked while out in the field and never received veterinary treatment. Since she was young, she adapted to getting around on 3 legs.

She was really quite amazing and it is with deep sadness I share that we had to have Madeline humanely euthanized. She had been having a much harder time getting around on her three good legs and we weren’t sure of the exact cause. One morning she lay down and couldn’t get up. We knew it was the end. Madeline was calm and didn’t struggle. Something had happened to her hind legs. I brought her bunches of grass to munch on and gave her horse treats. I sat next to Madeline in her stall. I pet her, scratched her itchy spots, and hugged her while we waited for the vet to come.

Madeline was an incredible inspiration; I don’t know another pony on this earth that managed to live for 19 years with a broken elbow. Madeline accepted life’s challenges and far exceeded them. She was semi-wild when we got her and I had to work hard to earn her trust. We had a very special bond, and those that know me well at the farm, know that I considered Madeline the daughter I never had. She touched so many people’s lives over the years. I adored her and earning her love and trust was an incredible gift. She truly was a miracle ... we are better for knowing her.

- Susankelly

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