In Memory of Our Spirited Girl, Misty

We are very sad to share that Misty had to be humanely euthanized. She has been dealing with chronic founder since we rescued her over 5 years ago. The shelter we got her from allowed her to be on lush pasture and along with hormonal imbalances, she foundered. Her hooves were curled and long when we first saw her. We tried to stabilize her with proper medication and trimming. But over the years she would have repeated bouts of founder.

This last bout, we have been treating since September of 2018. Normally, she has been able to rally and recover, but this time she never really got better and then she began to get worse. We tried different pain regimens; she had her special soft ride boots with extra padding; then about two weeks ago we put special front shoes on her. Unfortunately the shoes didn’t work and there was minimal improvement in her walking.

On April 13th she seemed to be getting worse and we had Dr Mary Beth out to examine her. She too was very concerned about her condition. We decided to take more X-rays and we determined that she was now foundering behind and was in pain in her hind hooves. We could not keep her comfortable and this was just too much for her.

We fed her lots of treats and allowed her to graze on grass -- none of which she had been able to do because of her health issues. Misty passed very quickly. We will miss her feisty spirit and freshness. She could be such a character and the barn is quiet without her. We are sad over her passing, but grateful she is no longer in pain.

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