Mylestone Rescues Bobbie, Neglected Thoroughbred

Bobbie is a wonderful older Thoroughbred gelding who is 27 years old. He came to us from PA. We were contacted by a vet from New Bolton who had been called in to see Bobbie as a cruelty complaint. He was very thin and had hoof problems. His owner was older and unable to properly care for him. The vet convinced the man to give up the horse since he was not receiving the care he needed. For a couple of months, Bobbie had been kept in a stall that was not being regularly cleaned. He was covered in manure and very unhappy.

We were fortunate that a local rescue was able to take him in temporarily until he could be transported to our farm. Bobbie had barely arrived at Mylestone and we had people interested in adopting him. We delayed listing him for sponsorship in the hopes that his stay would be short and he could move quickly into a wonderful home. Unfortunately, the placement did not work out, and now our handsome rescued Thorougbred is with us and in need of your support and donations towards his care.

Bobbie requires a great deal of grain as he is a big boy, well over 16 hands high. He is currently fed 7 meals a day. The good news is that since his arrival at Mylestone, he has gained more than 100 lbs.! We don't know a lot about his history other than he did race in his younger years. He loves attention and just goes nuts over being fed. He is so thankful for very meal! Bobbie is a very sweet guy who thrives on routine and in that regard, is a very easy keeper.

Bobbie is available for adoption as a companion horse only and would make a wonderful pasture mate for the right horse. Bobbie is 27 years young with lots of life in him, but if he isn't adopted, he can look forward to living his life with us. But for now? He wants your love! And he needs your support. Won’t you please sponsor Bobbie? Or donate towards his care? Additional photos of Bobbie are on his profile page where you can also sponsor him.

April 15,2008 - Bobbie has since passed away and gone on to Greener Pastures. Please read Bobbie's memorial.













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