Tango and Marley Rescued from Starvation, Neglect

We welcomed two new rescue horses to the farm. They came from a high profile case in NJ involving a rescue group that became overwhelmed with too many horses and lack of funds. We reached out to the woman running the rescue and offered to take two geldings. Longtime friends to Mylestone, Patty and Bill helped with quarantining the two horses in South Jersey. They took care of them for a month until they arrived at the farm on August 24th.

Both were starved and in bad condition. They started slowly on a refeeding program as per the vet. Marley had some digestive issues from not being fed regularly and we ended up with large vet bills. Both need to gain about 150-200lbs. Marley is about 25 years old and Tango is about 22. Tango’s front hooves were so long they were starting to curl upwards. Since they were rescued together they are very attached to one another. These two have a long road to recovery ahead of them and we really need monthly sponsors and donations towards their care.

Above is Marley, below, Tango.

Please consider a donation to help them or you can sponsor either Tango or Marley.

August 28, 2018












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