Welcome Our New Pony ... Phebe

A fellow rescuer, Dawn, runs Rosemary Farm where she has a lot of rescue horses ... eighty-five! The majority live out in huge fields on her farm in New York. Dawn took in a starved pony about two months ago; she was for sale on craigslist and in bad shape.

Dawn named the new rescue pony Phebe after reading about Susankelly’s mom’s passing which was very touching. Susankelly got busy with the farm and family and didn’t give the pony another thought. But in checking on Dawn’s Facebook page to see how Phebe was doing, it stated that she loved attention and was really sweet. We reached out to Dawn and said if Phebe ever needed a home to let us know. Dawn replied saying that Phebe really needed more attention than they could give; they were full up but didn’t want to turn her away. And then, that the foster home Phebe was supposed to go to fell through and would Mylestone like her!


Phebe needs to gain about 100 pounds. She was originally purchased from craigslist where she faced an uncertain - at best - future. Phebe’s paint markings give her a big heart on her side.

It is very common for rescue groups to work together like this. Often times we can help more horses overall when we are able to help each other out. Phebe is a pony in her mid-20’s. She will continue to recover here at Mylestone, and needs to gain about 100 pounds. We hope she will be able to be used for our grooming program. She is very talkative and nickers frequently. She seems to be settling in well.


Inside the barn, Emmett is very interested in the new arrival, while Phebe seems more interested to see if we have her next meal.

Currently we have her going out by herself because she is being treated for lice. She loves her meals and has already started gaining more weight. She is so good to lead which is wonderful because we will teach the special needs kids to walk her around. We happily welcome Phebe to the farm and know her namesake, Susankelly's mom, would have loved her.


After just a couple months, Phebe has put on a significant amount of weight.

If you would like to help Phebe and contribute to her care, please make a donation and mention that it's for Phebe. You can also sponsor Phebe, and receive monthly updates on her well-being and happenings at the farm.

See more photos here.

July 10, 2018












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