In Loving Memory of Blaze

Blaze has been on borrowed time for a while now ... he'd become neurological from EPM and his terrible sway back was continuing to get worse. Blaze was so determined to keep going that we went against the advice of the vet to put him down and tried different treatment options. He had his good days and not so good days, but he was happy and always looking for food.

Something happened at lunchtime in early June and he didn’t want to come for food. We realized he had injured his left hind leg at some point that morning and he couldn’t walk well at all. We had no other option than to humanely put him down. It was very hard because Blaze was such a wonderful personality and really considered himself more like a person than a horse.

He truly was one of a kind and he made so many special kids happy all these years, over 10 years, to be exact. He gave so much love unconditionally. He was so trust worthy and loyal, we were truly lucky to be blessed with him.

Blaze first came to us in 2008, just in time for Valentine's Day - a very lucky day for him. He was taken by the Gloucester County SPCA from a woman who was starving him and not taking paper care of him. With only one spot to in which to keep an equine cruelty case, the SPCA needed help in finding Blaze a home, and that home became Mylestone. He needed to gain a lot of weight, but even when he was at full weight, he could only be adopted as a companion horse. It would be too painful for him to carry a rider with his severe sway back, and chances of finding a saddle that would fit were nonexistent. As it turned out, Mylestone was just the right home for Blaze.

Happily, Blaze needed neither a rider nor a saddle to keep him happy. He was loved by the volunteers and by the special needs students who came to brush and hand-walk him. He was truly a super star with our visiting students. He gave back so much to everyone.

Losing Blaze is huge and painful. He was very difficult to let go of, but he can run free now ….

More photos of Blaze and his background can be found here.

Read Blaze's story when he first arrived.

June 18, 2018












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