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We were contacted by a young woman who was very upset about a horse from her barn that ended up going to the auction. The horse came into her barn to be used for trail riding in a large city park. It wasn’t long before he came up lame and he couldn’t earn his keep. He was given to a dealer who said he had a good home for him with a therapy program for light riding. The dealer turned around and ran him through the auction about two weeks later where he went into the kill pen because no one bought him.

The young woman found out and wanted to save him; she said he was such a sweet horse. She knew he would end up going for slaughter because he was lame. She contacted Mylestone and asked if she bought him from the auction barn, paid for trailering and quarantine, if we could take him. She spent over two thousand dollars to save him. She wasn’t able to keep him; she just wanted to save his life. We get asked to take horses all the time and we can’t take them all. This young woman reminded me of when I bought Myles, the lame horse I rescued from a dealer. Mylestone is Myles’ legacy. We need the younger generation to carry on the torch for animals in need.

Tucker meeting Misty.

Tucker is around 15-16 years old, and has settled in really well at the farm. He does have navicular and requires special shoes to make him more comfortable. Tucker is such a beauty and very friendly. He has a kind nature and likes to play in the mornings when he is out next to Emmett and Holly and Woody. In the afternoons he goes out with Sundance in our large front field. He and Sundance get along very well.

We are so happy to have been able to help Tucker out in his time of need. We hope you will welcome him, too, and become his sponsor or make a donation towards his care. Thank you!

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March 19, 2018












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