Dillon Is Deeply Missed

We very unexpectedly lost Dillon to a horrible episode of colic. He had been fine all day, he came in for dinner which he ate, and then went back outside with Scout afterwards.

Bruce noticed within minutes of Dillon being turned out that Dillon was on the ground in the mud rolling. Dillon got up but didn’t shake the mud off which horses typically do. He went down again and Bruce knew Dillon was colicking. Within less than two hours Dillon was gone. He became painful so fast and so intense we couldn’t stop the pain.

I am so thankful Jennifer who works at Mid-Atlantic was here with her husband. We got pain meds into Dillon while waiting for the vet. It was a struggle to keep Dillon walking and Jennifer and I knew this was not good. The vet examined him and tubed him with fluids but his situation was deteriorating. We were going to do a belly tap but he just wanted to lie down. We knew the only option was to end his pain. With such a dramatic colic episode like this, it is typically due to a strangulating lipoma that wraps around the intestine and causes it to rupture.

Dillon passed away quickly – before the vet was done humanely euthanizing him, he was gone. We were all just devastated by this loss; Dillon has been part of the farm for 18 years. All that time he has been the loyal companion to Scout. He was Scout’s only friend after Calvin died several years ago. Scout doesn’t get along with other horses well and he was lost without his buddy Dillon.

Dillon, left, grazing with his two best friends in all the world - Calvin, since passed away, and Scout, right.

Dillon was loved by many and was such a huge personality here. He came to us so scared and traumatized from past abuse. It took many years to earn his trust, and he had come such a long way. He loved attention at Open House and hung his head over his stall and let people lavish attention on him. His fear of people was gone. He readily came up to the fence for a treat; he had learned to feel safe and knew he was loved. Dillon is very deeply missed …..

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March 9, 2018












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