In Memory of Dex

I am very sad to share with you that we lost Dex to a terrible bout with colic. The vet had been here four times in less than 36 hours. I had been up walking him on and off until 4 am when my husband took over. Dex seemed to rally, but then he took a turn for the worse, and the pain medication was no longer working. The vet felt he must have had a blockage higher up that she couldn’t feel upon rectal exam. Given his older age of 30+, he could also have had a tumor that older horses are prone to called a strangulating lipoma. We ended his suffering and said our goodbyes to this wonderful horse.

My youngest son Austin picked him out of the 3 horses we needed to find homes for. He told me he was the good one, and Austin was right; Dex certainly was. He was such an incredibly special horse. He firmly attached himself to my heart. He was so kind and gentle, nothing fazed him. I let Dex graze loose in the afternoons near me while I worked in my small vegetable garden. He grazed outside the basement door when I went to get medications or do quick chores. He would come to the basement door peeking in, looking for his soft horse treats.

He was one of those horses you are lucky to have and will never forget. I am grateful we were able to make his last few months comfortable. Dex will be deeply missed; he certainly left hoof prints on my heart.

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