It's All Smiles at Our Annual Dentist Day

Horse smiles, that is!

Bill Schultz, right, works on Madeline's teeth, assisted by Bruce.

On September 18th we had our annual Dentist Day when Bill Schultze, Brian Shaw, Jim Edwards, and Dianne Frack came once again to the farm to take care of all the rescue horses' teeth. Our vet, Dr. Mary Beth Hamorski, assisted with sedating the horses for the equine dentists.

Jackson is good to go, thanks to expert dental care by Brian Shaw.

Shadow was very patient while being cared for by Jim Edwards.

They started at 9 am and our day ended around 2 pm. None of the horse required major work which helped the day go more quickly. We are so grateful for all Bill, Brian, Jim, and Dianne do to help our rescue horses! Each year they donate all their services which saves us thousands of dollars a year. Thank you to Jennifer and Darla who also helped assist the dentists.

Dianne Frack sits low to work on Misty, a small pony.













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