Dex Welcomed at Mylestone

We welcomed a wonderful older gelding to Mylestone in July. Dex’s owner was losing her place to live and was struggling to provide for her horses. This is unfortunately becoming a common problem for many horse owners. His owner loved him dearly, but she was in a terrible spot and knew she couldn’t care for him properly.

Dex is a 30+ year old chestnut gelding. He came to us with a large chronic wound on his belly that was infected. He had the wound when she got him over 10 years ago. Despite various medical treatments it never properly healed. We started him on a new antibiotic that he hadn’t been on before. We treated him for about 3 weeks. We also used a new antibiotic spray to try and dry it out. The wound, once the size of a dinner plate, has been healing much better and is now less than half its original size. This wound will require constant care to ensure it doesn’t become infected.

The vet said Dex also needs to gain about 50 pounds, and we're slowly seeing him pick up weight. We have been giving him several meals a day of mash which he thoroughly enjoys, his last meal being at 11:30 at night. He isn’t able to eat hay because his teeth have worn down with age, but he loves to graze on the grass. We hand graze him daily on our lawn where he enjoys the very lush grass . He has been well loved in his past and Dex is really good to work around. We think he will be a perfect addition to our grooming program. He is so sweet and has a great personality.

All he needs now is you. Won’t you please sponsor this wonderful older fella or contribute to his care?

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