Soup's On - Help the Horses Feed the Hungry

As those familiar with Mylestone know, many of our rescue horses were once starved. Some were abandoned in back fields, some starved in their own barns, some victims of hoarders. They’ve come to Mylestone needing between 100 and 350 pounds, and due to years of neglect and lack of dental care, they often could no longer eat hay.

Mylestone has patiently fed these needy souls up to 8 meals a day to help them slowly put back on the weight they needed to gain. And they all look fabulous now and are incredibly grateful for all they’ve received - from our volunteers, and from you, our donors, who have supported our efforts to help them return to health.

Now the horses want to give back and help the hungry right here in our own community through a local food pantry in nearby Finesville. They ask that when you come to Open House you bring one (or more) can(s) of soup - so simple, right? Thanks to your donations at our 2016 Open House, Mylestone was able to deliver 450 cans of soup and some other items to the food pantry. That’s a lot of soup!!

People have helped the horses - this is how the horses can help people. Thank you in advance!













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