Blue, Severely Starved, Needs Your Help

How Long Blues….I have been rescuing horses a long time now and there are different types of starvation. I knew quickly that Blue had been starving a long time; he was not just recently starved. He had come to accept sometimes he would be fed and other times he would not in his life. The muscle wasting is evident of long term starvation. He is at least 250 lbs underweight. He is a gentle soul who learned to accept his miserable lot in life. We can only hope he did not have to endure hours of lessons carrying even the weight of a small child would have been cruel on his skeletal frame, but we think this may have been the case.

One of our devoted farriers found Blue. The woman who supposedly rescued Blue was not able to provide him with the proper care he needed. The farrier contacted us for help and we arranged quickly to take him in. He was so upset he had not known about the horse sooner because the sad reality is the horse was not getting the proper care for months now.

Blue is receiving 8 small meals around the clock. He is unable to chew hay or grass, due to poor teeth. He will be on a diet of mash for the rest of his life. He most likely has a good year of recovery requiring 8 meals a day before we see significant progress in his weight gain. We are hoping with proper medical care and feeding he can come back to health. He is older; mid 20’s so it is hard to know what extent of the damage his body has suffered in this condition. His eyesight is also very diminished from older age and may be why he was given up the first place.

We are encouraged at how well he is eating his mash and we are hopeful we can bring him back to enjoy his golden years with the loving care he deserves. The photo middle left is of the day Blue arrived. The photos upper right and lower right are one week later, and already showing a bit of an improvement.

Note: December 2008 - We sadly report that Blue has moved on to Greener Pastures this month. You can read more about Blue here or here.













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