The Mylestone Horses Have A Smile Just for You!

They don't write thank-you notes; they can't send selfies; and kissing is not their thing. But they have plenty of smiles to give ... just take a look.

Faster than a speeding ... mini?

Whoever thought the smallest horse on the farm could pick up speed and reach a full gallop? That's our girl, Mini Pearl, feeling the wind in her hair! She once belonged to a hoarder and was kept in a bedroom where she ate the plaster off the walls. Pearl has a different life now. Look at her go!

Best buds, just hanging out

Cloudy (left) and Casey cherish their friendship whether spending their time just hanging out or playing. We intervened and saved Cloudy from going to auction. He was underweight and showed signs of abuse from an earlier owner; Casey was a cruelty victim in a hoarding case - both now relish their peaceful lives.

Talking with her mouth full ...

Hey! Hay is for horses, right? We think Cleo thanks us every time she enjoys a good meal. A Thoroughbred, Cleo was once a racer, but didn't run fast enough and also sustained a knee injury. She was then used as a test mare, but by the time she finally arrived at Mylestone, she was overdue for much-needed medical attention. She now has the quality of life she deserves - just look at that contented face.

Ahhhhhh ... can I do this for the rest of the day?

Watching Lucy enjoy a good roll sure brings a smile to our faces. Once living knee deep in muck in a septic field, kept by another hoarder, Lucy and her best friend Patty, were happy to finally enjoy the good life.

It's a great day and I'm kicking up my heels!

Woo hoo! It's another happy day at Mylestone! Peppermint Patty (aka Patty) loves life and is so grateful to have been rescued and kept together with her BFF, Lucy (above). Life is good and she's tellin' us!

I'll lead, you follow. Just listen for my hoofsteps in the grass.

Our two blind boys have become such good friends - it just warms your heart to see them. We took in 30+ year-old Danny Boy when his devoted owner and a friend to Mylestone passed away. Daniel, with very limited sight, is his constant companion.

Just enjoying the sunshine, the flowers ....

Sundance lives happily in the spacious front field at Mylestone with his buddies. He came to us 100 pounds underweight, neglected and lame. In fine shape now, he sometimes just takes a little time to smell the flowers and be thankful.

We hope these photos brought a smile to your face. If so, why not share the joy and make a donation to keep those smiles going around. The horses will be grateful and your smile might just get a little wider.













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