The Mylestone Horses Give Back

We are very excited in the numerous ways the rescued horses give back to the community. They all had a rough life at one time, and now that they are safe and loved, they want to share their love and good fortune with others.

Each year we welcome a wonderful group of students from Midland School for a tour of the farm. They were so excited to see the horses. The students shook our hands and told us their names. They have a very caring teacher, Roberta, and her staff that joined us.

Dillon was hanging his head over the gate as soon as the students got off the bus. The group went over to meet him and one of the boys was so excited because his name was Dylan, too. We took the students all over the farm to meet the horses. I have to honestly say I feel as though the horses know that these students have special needs because they all were really good with them. Misty let the kids pet her. Livy and Tommy came over to visit. Scout was a patient gentle giant with the students. The horses didnít mind the wheel chair being pushed around, either.

We brought out Blaze and he was wonderul with the students. We got a great group photo of the kids. They generously donated money from their card sales to help with the horsesí care. Next, each student got their photo taken with Blaze. He stood perfectly still with each child. We even put the lead rope into the lap of the girl in the wheel chair so she could get her photo taken with him. Blaze just loves people, especially the kids. Seeing two of the boys love on him brought tears to my eyes because this has always been my dream, for our horses to be able to give back to the community even though they arenít ridable.

Our youngest son's pony, Suey, also participated in the visit; she was also a rescue from several years ago. Suey has many medical issues but she is wonderful with the kids. All the kids got their pictures taken with Suey. She was so gentle with the young girl in the wheel chair (above). She softly nuzzled her leg while she had her picture taken. The visit was so special, not just for the kids, but for all of my family and me. It meant so much to us to see the horses give unconditional love to the students and the joy it gave them. It was truly an amazing day.













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