Missing Our Sweet Pony, Whisper

Sadly we lost Whisper at the end of January, (2017). Whisper had once been part of a petting zoo and arrived to us starved after his owner had passed away. Whisper had one top tooth and required nine meals a day of mash.

He had an episode of choke in November after eating some of his mash. The vet came right out and despite the blockage being cleared, he developed an infection that we continued to treat over the past two and a half months. Whisper then developed a bout of laminitis from several days of a high fever, but he had been recovering from this.

We provided round the clock care for Whisper between his feeding and medications. To ensure he wouldn’t have another episode of choke, we cleaned out his mouth at every feeding in case he had been chewing on leaves that had blown into his area. Nine times a day cleaning out his mouth - and he was very accepting of all this care. As he was 36 years old, we were also fighting Whisper’s weakened immune system due to Cushing’s disease. Despite three different trials of antibiotics Whisper still had a sinus infection and then he just stopped eating.

Whisper loved his mash and was messy, but a good eater. He wouldn’t even take a horse treat from us. When food seemed to have lost his interest, we knew it was time to let this wonderful old pony go. Whisper was such a good pony and enjoyed going on walks all over the farm. He was part of the grooming program and was adored and loved by many volunteers. We miss him very much but we know we made his life better, and he looked wonderful despite his advanced age.

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