In Loving Memory of Donny

Our dear Donny left us a few days before Christmas; he suffered a life-ending seizure which left him unable to get up. While waiting for the vet I stayed with Donny. Donny was one of my favorites and when I walked towards him he nickered softly to me several times. When the vet arrived Donny was humanely euthanized surrounded by people that loved and adored him.

He was such a sweet horse. Donny had been abandoned on a foreclosed farm until a realtor found him, starved and neglected. He was frightened when he first arrived but slowly came out of his shell. Donny was in his mid-30’s and we were able to bring him back to health. He enjoyed several good years with us before his passing.

Donny was part of our grooming program with special needs students and he was a favorite among many of the volunteers. He was so patient with the students and stood like a statue to be groomed. His best friend was Buddy and they enjoyed spending mornings together grazing and hanging out. We lost Buddy this past summer and Donny was sad to have lost his dear friend. Donny was also fond of Mini Pearl and Poppy the goat. They shared the pen next to him.

Donny required many meals a day because he had so few teeth. He looked forward to every meal. If we were running late he would be sure to let us know. Donny was a gentle soul and is dearly missed.

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