In Remembrance of Wyatt

Sadly, we are mourning the passing of another of our beloved boys, Wyatt. We are very sad to share with you that we had to put him to sleep. He suffered a seizure while in his paddock and thankfully, the vet was here because we were in the middle of dentist day. Wyatt had been exhibiting odd behavior the past few months which we attributed to dementia; he was 34 years old. But now Dr. MaryBeth thinks that what was happening were these seizures. We had no choice but to humanely euthanize him as he was becoming a danger to himself and we couldn't risk his injuring himself in any way.

Wyatt came to us near death from starvation in 2005 with an elderly pony, Smokey. Both needed to gain 280 - 300 pound when they came to the farm. (See photos of Wyatt and Smokey here.) Smokey, being very old, passed away in 2007, and we have continued to care for Wyatt for the last 11 years. He has wanted for nothing. He continued to require a great deal of specialized care to maintain his weight, and was fed 8 times a day and into the night.

Wyatt was absolutely adored by so many volunteers. He enjoyed being brushed and especially loved to be bathed. Wyatt also watched very closely over his mares, Cleo and Piper, in the next paddock. It is so hard to say good-bye, but Wyatt had 11 more years than he ever would have had without Mylestone. He was dearly loved and he knew it.

As a Thoroughbred, Wyatt no doubt once raced, but in view of his deplorable condition, he may not have done well and followed the downward spiral that unsuccessful racehorses often do. When it came time for him to leave us, to run his last race, Wyatt flew like the wind and made it home in no time at all. He will be missed.













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