Mourning Our Beloved Quincy

Quincy was a dearly loved horse … loved by our family and the entire Mylestone family of volunteers and all who cared for him. It is with deep sadness that we are sharing his loss. Quincy was with us for 17 years and was between 28 and 30 years old.

Quincy had rapidly been losing weight the last two weeks of August and the vet had been out twice to try and determine what was going on. His blood work was terrible; he had a very high white count; his liver enzymes were high and he had become very anemic, along with other issues. At one of her last visits the vet did a rectal exam and felt Quincy's spleen was pushed way back in an abnormal place. Dr. MaryBeth believed that he had a large tumor in his abdomen which was pushing on his organs. He was barely eating and was quite dull.

The vet was going to try to ultrasound his abdomen the next day to try and get more information, but Quincy was failing rapidly. We scheduled him to be put down that Friday to give everyone a chance to say “good bye”. This was with the understanding that Quincy's level of comfort was most important and if something were to change and he became painful, he would be put down sooner. Because Quincy was so loved, we wanted to give volunteers the opportunity to say goodbye and have closure, but his well-being would always come first.

Quincy has been with us for the last 17 years, and we are devastated. He was such a kind and gentle soul, never in the way, always waiting his turn, a constant presence, and although in the background, you always knew he was there. Despite his being up in age, you would never have known to look at him -- he looked absolutely wonderful until these past few weeks. Quincy will be deeply missed at Mylestone.

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