In Memory of Buddy

This has been a difficult month for us on the farm; we lost Buddy as well as Dixie. He was well into his 30’s and had several medical issues we had been treating but he overall he was enjoying his retirement. He looked forward to going out every day with his best friend Donny. They were never far from each other when turned out. He would often wait at the gate for Donny to be brought over to go out.

Unfortunately this particular morning after Buddy has been turned out he started behaving strangely, became very unbalanced and had trouble standing. Bruce and I were able to get him up and I held him until the vet arrived. Upon evaluation it was determined he had a very bad heart murmur and the vet believes he had some sort of cardiac event which caused stroke-like symptoms. Buddy’s whole demeanor had changed and there was nothing that could be done. We had no choice but to humanely put him down.

Buddy was hugged and loved by many volunteers and fed many treats as we said good bye. Buddy left us very quickly, and Donny stayed with him to the end. Special thanks to our longtime volunteer Sue D. who helped rescue Buddy many years ago and has been devoted to his well-being all these years.

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