Remembering Sweet Dixie

Tragically, we must share with you that we had to have Dixie humanely euthanized. She came to us foundered and starved with Cushing’s disease and we were able to manage her care. In late June she had a bad bout of colic which resulted in us learning that she had a large tumor in her abdomen. She got over the colic and improved despite the tumor.

We changed her diet around so she ate mashes and some grass to make sure everything passed through her intestines easily. She was improving, back to whinnying to us all the time. Unfortunately, just recently, serious complications set in; she foundered again and we couldn’t make her comfortable. She was humanely put down.

Dixie was so near and dear to our hearts. This little pony saved from the auction several years ago made such a difference in so many lives. She was adored by volunteers and a real favorite with the special needs kids that participated in our grooming program. Dixie would easily have 4-5 kids brushing her and she loved the attention. She would fall asleep while they groomed her, happy and content. Dixie was as close to perfect as you can get, just ask Lois, Dixie’s most devoted fan. The barn is not the same without Dixie’s whinnies welcoming us or her squeals at Quincy when he leaned over his stall door to bother her. We were lucky to have known such a special pony.

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