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Now it's easier to help Mylestone raise money than ever before, and it's something you already do every day - using a search engine. Imagine that each time you did a search online you could generate a penny for Mylestone!? We know you'd do it! A penny may not sound like much, but they add up quickly when you have lots of folks helping.

GoodSearch is a new, Yahoo-powered search engime that is committed to helping legitimate charities each time they search online. This is Yahoo's unique mission - to donate half it's revenue per search to the charity you choose. Here's the math - if you choose Mylestone as your charity, and search twice a day and 1,000 people are willing to choose Mylestone, we could earn an estimated $7,300 per year to help the horses! Could it be any easier? If the horses could get a hoof to a big keyboard, they'd be using Goodsearch, too!

Please help Mylestone's horses today by clicking here for details and making your search engine GoodSearch - the proven, high-quality results of Yahoo and an easy, painless donation! Or ... just go directly to Goodsearch, type in Mylestone Equine Rescue and start helping the horses right now! And don't forget - spread the word!!













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