Scarlett Has Found Her Happy Home!

We are happy to announce that Scarlett has been adopted. She is a companion for another mare and gelding. They are all getting along and we are so happy that Scarlett now has a permanent home.

Scarlett, right, grazing with her new buddies Princess Sparkles at left and Taz, center.

This is a great opportunity for her with a wonderful couple that live fairly locally. Her adopters understood about Scarlett’s special dental needs and cleaning out the sides of her mouth daily. Scarlett has lots of personality and spunk so we are excited for her! Of course, it was bittersweet seeing her leave, but our goal, especially with the younger rescues, is to find them their own homes. If for some reason it doesn’t work out, we would always take Scarlett back, but we are just thrilled to hear that that won’t be a concern!

We're also happy to report that Scarlett found her home through an inquiry at our Help A Horse Day this past April, as the new family are Horsemen's Outlet customers. They came to the event and asked about adopting a companion horse. Scarlett's adoption is the icing on the cake to an already wonderful event!

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