Molly Will Be Missed

We are deeply saddened to share with you the loss of our beloved Molly. She was a wonderful mare that really came out of her shell and blossomed over the three years we had her. She came to us from an SPCA cruelty case. She lived in a straight stall in a dilapidated barn where she was used for trail rides. She was mistreated and severely neglected. Had she received the proper farrier care we would have not been faced with having to put her down.

But her wellbeing mattered little to her past owners. Her left front hoof was left to grow long and to curl, causing her pastern joint to shift and arthritis to form. Once Molly was in our care, we were able to make her more comfortable with special shoeing and medication for her arthritis. For the first year we had her she was well loved in a foster home and then later she came to the farm for the last two years.

We noticed recently that her pastern was changing and new X-rays showed that her pastern joint had shifted further and more arthritis had formed. A crack in her hoof also started. We really had no other options but to humanely put her down. A steady stream of volunteers said their `goodbyes' to Molly. She was adored by us and the volunteers, always greeting you with a soft nicker. She was always hopeful you might have a horse treat for her.

Molly was such a sweetheart and her big brown eyes just got to you ... you couldn’t help but love her.

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