How to Really Help A Horse


The horses at Mylestone were all rescued from bad situations. Yes, they are safe now, but there's one thing they always need - good care. We look to our volunteers to help provide that care, but it's more than just feeding and cleaning - it's establishing real relationships with the horses - giving them attention, affection, appreciation.

Do you have what it takes to make a once-injured or once-starved horse feel that he or she is the most beautiful animal on the planet? That's one of the things we're looking for - volunteers who truly care. We're also looking for dedication - for people who are committed to helping the horses, to coming consistently and on time, who want to learn about our horses and their specific needs. We're looking for people who have experience with horses but will happily train those who are willing to learn what it takes to help keep a horse rescue going.

Caring for the horses isn't always easy work - it is physical work, and can be very demanding, especially in some of the weather conditions we see here in New Jersey. But the rewards …

They are just fantastic … the whinny to you when you walk in, the nuzzle on your shoulder, the calm a horse feels around you once they know you, the gratitude you know they feel when you brush them. THOSE are the rewards.

Mylestone is seeking serious, dedicated, longterm volunteers who want to make a difference. We ask that you volunteer at the farm at least once a week, ideally more often, if possible - this is the best way to bond with the horses and feel you're a part of our rescue.

More details, other areas in which we need volunteers, etc. and an application can be found here - we hope to hear from you.













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