Update on Untamed Spirit

Sandra Cahill

Spirit at just 6 months oldSpirit came to Mylestone in November 2001, along with 4 other Premarin foal rescues at the ripe old age of 6 months old. He looked like a little cow when he came so we nicknamed him “Moo” (see baby picture). We could not get near him or his paddock mate Grace for a very long time. That is how Spirit got his name. He was such an untamed and spirited little fellow. I fell in love with him and adopted him. That is how Untamed Spirit and I came to be.

Spirit will be six years old on May 13, 2007. He has grown up strong and beautiful as you can see by the pictures. He is working now under saddle and I am proud to say that I was the first person on his back! (The first time I got on he yawned and rested his hip to say “No big deal”). A big accomplishment for both him and me. We both had to go through a lot of changes to make that happen. He had to grow up and learn his ground work to get ready to be ridden and I had to change physically so that I was fit enough and at a good weight to ride him (I was very heavy).

So all the years of expense and care without the benefit of riding paid off in the end with a great companion and partner. He still is that head strong little “Moo” that came to us all those years ago, stubborn too! But we are working together to be a great team.

Thank you to Mylestone and Susankelly for rescuing this little fellow who’s future would have been bleak, as is the fate with most Premarin foals. He and I have a great future ahead of us, with lots of fun and treats and rides in the woods together. What could be better! A Happy Ending!

Spirit, looking very handsome today.

Spirit and Sandi, a great team together.













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