Whisper Needed Home After Owner Passed Away

Mylestone got a phone call from another animal rescue in the beginning of September, 2015, about an elderly pony that needed a home. He and over 100 other animals needed placement when their owner suddenly died. While volunteers cared for the animals in the interim, Whisper was not receiving the care that an older horse needed.

The other horses were fortunate to find new homes, but Whisper was one of the last ones waiting; he was going to be a difficult placement due to his age and the likelihood of untreated medical issues. We agreed to take him in.

Whisper is about 30-35 years old. He is very sweet but you can tell he has been handled roughly in the past. He is a bit head shy, especially when we are mucking in his area; he worries about the muck rake. He has Cushing’s disease and has also foundered in the past. We believe he was not getting much food at all. Right now he is getting 9 small meals of mash daily. He chews hay and spits out rolled hay as he has no teeth up top except for one.

Because he was not being properly fed he was slowly starving to death. It took about a week before his body began working properly and produced more than one manure pile a day. Once he started eating regularly, Whisper gained 20 pounds in about 2 weeks.

Whisper lives next to Shadow with Jackson on Shadow’s other side. Jackson seems to have taken a real liking to Whisper and Shadow seems to enjoy having this new friend next door to him. Donny will frequently call to Whisper as well. The four of them have established their own little community in the area by the house.

Whisper continues to gain weight slowly. As he did test positive for Cushing’s disease, he is now being treated with Prascend, an expensive medication. We have also had two students from the alternative high school program brush him and Whisper was very good. We are happy to have another pony for them to brush, and he is enjoying the extra attention.

Whisper was very popular at this year's Open House, and enjoyed the attention, particularly from children.

Since Whisper's arrival, he has gained a few sponsors, but because of his age, endearing personality and high medication expenses, we hope he will win many more. Perhaps you will take this sweet older boy into your heart and help out, either through a donation towards his medical needs, or by becoming Whisper's sponsor.

Note: Whisper passed away in January 2017. You can find his memorial here.















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