Open House 2015 Was Terrific!

We hope you were able to attend Open House - we all had a great time and it was wonderfully successful for the horses.

Patty and Lucy were thrilled to be patted and petted all day long. Their diminutive size was a draw to many smaller children who found them just the right size.

The day started out a bit nippy, but soon the sun was shining and we were blessed with a truly beautiful day for Open House. Over 600 people came to visit the horses. Some of the favorites this year were Oliver, Scout, Logan, Whisper, Madeline, and Patty and Lucy.

Just a small sampling of the many wonderful items and baskets available for bid.

Our silent auction boasted over 110 baskets and items available for bid. There was a huge crowd waiting for the auction to end and plenty of bids on the wide selection of items offered.

Every treat imaginable was at the bake sale - cupcakes, breads, scones, cookies, pies - you name it!

Our bake sale had a wide variety of goodies thanks to our many talented bakers, and with a special thanks to Christine Heimsch, our own pastry chef. We had delicious offerings of food as well.

The Mylestone merchandise table was hopping all day, and visitors were helped by (l. to r.) Gay Wasileski, Tracy Botros, Laurel Fox, Sharielle Lawrence-Cadet, Janis McCracken. Not in this photo because she was off camera helping a customer was Barbara Riesenfeld

We had a great group of vendors with wonderful offerings including a number of handmade crafts and horse-oriented items; artist Barbara Hornstra brought her paintings, prints and notecards; Mylestone had our own Lost Treasures table, plus Mylestone merchandise, and much more.

Many of our visitors loved meeting Oliver and appreciated his progress at Mylestone and his gentle demeanor.

The Frey family generously donated 270 pumpkins for us to sell which went over quite well.

Our newest resident, Whisper, also drew lots of attention, especially from children.

And for the hungry in our area, thanks to you, we collected 438 pounds of soup!

Visitors also were happy to be able to purchase Mylestone's 2016 calendar with gorgeous photography by Jen Wenzel. But even if you weren't at Open House, you can still purchase calendars here on the web site!

Check out more photos. Thanks for joining us at Open House on Sunday and for visiting right here on the web!















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