Smokey, Much Loved in His Short Time with Us

We had to say good-bye to another dear old soul, Smokey. Smokey came to us starving and not far from death. Kindness was not something he had known, but this last year and a half he was loved and cared for. Which included being fed 7-8 meals a day since he was unable to chew hay. He would come nickering and trotting for his meals, so thankful to be fed. Slowly he put on some weight.

He had Cushing’s disease which had been left untreated for many years. Once we put him on medication this helped with gaining weight. Smokey was a character. He wasn’t the type of pony who liked to be fussed over, though once you started brushing him he would enjoy it. He was a buddy to Wyatt, the starved Thoroughbred race horse we rescued along with him. Wyatt adored Smokey, and we often referred to Smokey as Wyatt’s pony.

When the bitter cold weather arrived, Smokey stopped eating well. We ran blood work, the dentist made a special trip to check his teeth but we couldn’t come up with anything conclusive as to what was wrong. I noticed that one eye had a slight bulge. Smokey’s behavior changed and he seemed listless. I called the vet out and we feared he could have a brain tumor which would explain the eye and the odd behavior. We made the decision to put Smokey down. Wyatt was able to spend time with Smokey’s body before we had it removed and seems to have accepted his death. We miss Smokey, too. He and Wyatt were like two peas in a pod.

We take great joy and comfort in knowing we gave Smokey a wonderful last year and a half where he was nurtured, cared for and loved. He left us with the dignity and the respect he deserved.

If you're not familiar with Smokey's story and the condition in which he and Wyatt arrived, you can read more about them here. You can also learn more about Smokey in Greener Pastures.













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