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Thanks to your wonderful support, Mylestone was one of five national winners of the ASPCA's $10,000 Help A Horse Day grants in 2014. You really came through, and that grant was an amazing support to all we do to care for the horses. We entered the contest alongside many equine rescues, and our event was considered among the best. We were honored to receive this grant and deeply grateful to you for making it possible!

This year the ASPCA has expanded the grants and is generously offering three $10,000 and four $5,000 grants.

We are gearing up again for this year's event, to be held on Saturday, April 25th. (Rain Date, Sunday April 26th), at our wonderful supporter, Horsemen's Outlet. Because Sunday, April 26th is officially Help A Horse Day, Mylestone will be at Horsemen's on Sunday with a merchandise table only, collecting signatures. The 20% coupon offered by Horsemen's Outlet is good both days. Again, the challenge is to create an event to highlight the plight of horses in desperate need in as many channels as possible. We will again be using print, our website, messaging, Facebook and our on location presence at Horsemen's to make the greatest impact.

Below is a list of the events of the day, guaranteed to provide fun for all and help horses in need. Come join us!!

Mylestone Help a Horse Day
at Horsemen’s Outlet
Saturday 4/25 - 11:00 am – 4:00 pm (all events outdoors)
Raindate: Sunday 4/26 - 11:00 am - 4 pm

We will have the following at our event:
* Mylestone Merchandise Table
* Bake Sale Table (We need bakers! Let us know if you can bake!)
* Silent Auction 11 am - 4pm
* Tack Sale – Horsemen’s is generously donating items for Mylestone to sell to benefit the rescue, so Mylestone will have our own tack table.
* Tack Swap 11 am to 4 pm
* Pet Adoption 11 am to 4 pm
* Pony rides sponsored by Kierson Farm

Although this is a one-day event, you can still participate even if you’re unable to make it to Horsemen’s Outlet. Please make a donation to Mylestone as all responses will count towards our earning the grant, but the time frame is critical. Checks sent to Mylestone must arrive on or before the 26th and be dated no later than the 26th to count! You can also donate online right here on our website, and please indicate that it's for Help A Horse Day!

Come join us at:
Horsemen’s Outlet
37 Molasses Hill Rd., Lebanon, NJ
and visit them online.

We need your signature on our roster to help us qualify for the ASPCA grant. Please stop by and sign our roster! Plus -- your signing up entitles you to a 20% off coupon on one special item at Horsemen’s for Saturday or Sunday.

Check out our special Help A Horse Day video!

Below is our official Help A Horse Day flyer. if interested, download a larger version.

NEW ADDITION! - A 3-day competitive trail ride is being held April 17 - 19 by ACTHA to benefit Mylestone's Help A Horse Day! Check out Events for details.















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