Dora, Over 40, Leaves Us Quietly

Susankelly Thompson

We are sad to report we had to have our beloved Dora put down this month. Dora was in her early 40’s and she looked amazingly well for her old age. Her teeth had long since worn away so she was fed a mash 7 times a day. She was for many volunteers here the first horse they ever brushed. She was a very understanding soul.

Dora was rescued out of a kill pen in New Holland by another rescue who was unable to keep her long term. We took her in about 3 years ago. She gained weight and was medicated for heaves. She was a very dear soul and she was kind. What a life she must have seen -- you wonder in 40 years how many homes she had, what she did, and why such a wonderful horse ended up in a kill pen destined for slaughter. Dora is missed by all of us and brought great joy to the farm. She was always nickering for food and treats.

In the past year she had trouble getting up when she was out in the field. She would nicker to my husband when she heard him coming to help her. She knew he would help her up. Dora had advanced arthritis and this recent spell of bitter cold weather took its toll.

This time when Dora laid down she didn’t want to get up. Despite our best efforts, Dora was ready to leave. She left us loved and adored by all who knew her.

You can read a bit more about Dora in Greener Pastures.













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