Kahuna Is Adopted!

There is no better news than when one of our horses is adopted and has a home where they will be loved forever. We are so pleased to share that this is what has happened for our handsome senior Belgian, Kahuna.

Kahuna's foster mom, Laurel, was instrumental in his rescue and rehab. She has been fostering him for the last few years now. He has become a big part of her family, and so she decided to officially adopt Kahuna. He is 30+ year old and thoroughly enjoys his golden years on Laurel’s farm with his best friend Susie, a little pony. Laurel has been a wonderful supporter of Mylestone’s efforts and most recently trailered Oliver, our new rescue, on Christmas morning.

It is not easy to place the older horses because they require so much care, and Kahuna is very fortunate to have such a devoted mom!

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