Oliver Rescued by Mylestone - His Christmas Gift

Christmas morning 2014 Mylestone received quite a present - Oliver arrived. Oliver was then a 27+ year old gelding that was abandoned after his owner had some financial difficulties. A neighbor cared for Oliver and reached out to social media for help. We were actually contacted by many others asking if we could help Oliver, and we came through with the help he needed. Oliver is very very thin and needs to gain over 200+ lbs. We are feeding him 8 small meals a day and slowly increasing his food. The vet had been to evaluate him and we are running blood work. We hope to have results shortly. Oliver’s blanket didn’t fit him properly and he developed rubs on his shoulders. We purchased a new water proof blanket and rain sheet that won’t irritate the rubbed areas.

Oliver settled right in on the farm and you wouldn’t know he just arrived. He was happy to have other horses around him as he had been alone. His first night here he slept flat out in a thick bed of shavings. He seems very content here and I am so thankful we could help him. Oliver has been passed around to many homes and he will be a permanent resident here on the farm. He was a therapeutic riding horse for many years. He can enjoy retirement now with us. Once he has gained weight our hope is to use him with the special needs students for in our grooming program.

We look forward to giving Oliver a very Happy New Year! Would you like to help the New Year be Oliver's best yet? You can! Please make a donation to his care or sponsor Oliver - he'll be very thankful, as will we.

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