Remembering Jingle

In a short span of time, having just lost Calvin, we were faced with putting down another wonderful horse, Jingle.

Jingle had severe arthritis in his knees and the arthritis in his left knee was causing his leg to bow out. He was losing mobility to bend his leg and we had the sad task of putting him down.

Jingle was rescued on Christmas Eve in 2009 from a kill pen by Susankelly. She bought him because he was lame and had little chances of getting a good home. Jingle was a beautiful grey paint. His life had not been an easy one, for his young age of 12-13 years old. He had horrible arthritis in his knees. The vet felt it was from extreme over use.

Jingle was so trusting, we walked him in the dark into a barn where he was being quarantined. We could barely see where we were going, but he just followed us. Once he came to the farm we had a special area for him with a shed and paddock. Once Jingle shed out his winter coat, we realized why he had been afraid of the hose and the noise it made. He had a large “K” branded on his right cheek. It must have been extremely painful and was something he never forgot because he was so wonderful about everything else.

Jingle truly was a gift, he gave back far more than we could him. He was so good and tolerant of the special needs students who came to groom him. We miss him terribly, he was a real blessing to us and touched so many people. Jingle loved everyone, and you always knew, in the depths of your soul, just how grateful he was to be rescued.

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