Mylestone Wines Now Available!

Raise your glass! And toast a new and wonderful offering from Mylestone Equine Rescue -- wine!

Working in partnership with Benefit Wines, Mylestone is now offering six varieties of wines, all made with estate grown, organic grapes and all vegan friendly. Each of the six varieties features a handsome label with one of the Mylestone residents. Bottles of wine may be ordered individually or in two different select packages - the Mylestone Equine Rescue Collector's Package, (6 bottles), or the Sampler Package, (4 bottles.)

A percentage of each bottle or package is donated to Mylestone by Benefit Wines, with full details on their site. A personalized gift/greeting card may also be ordered if this is sent to a third party. Complete details about each wine, it's distinct flavor, and the ideal pairings with meal choices are offered on the site as well as the organization's history and winemaking process.

Help support Mylestone in this new and exciting way. Raise your glass and visit the Mylestone Winery online.

Please Note: Sorry to say, our wines cannot be shipped to AL, AR, KY, MS, ND, PA, UT or outside the USA.















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