Susankelly Thompson Receives NJVMA Award

Dr. Mary Beth Hamorski with Susankelly ThomosonSusankelly Thompson, Founder and President of Mylestone Equine Rescue, was honored by the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association (NJVMA) in receiving their annual Animal Welfare Award as part of their 12th Animal Hall of Fame presentation on Sunday, March 4, 2007. The award is given each year to honor someone who has made a significant contribution to animals in New Jersey.

Dr. Mary Beth Hamorski, (l.), with Susankelly.

One of Mylestone’s vets, Dr. Mary Beth Hamorski, of Califon Animal Hospital, had nominated Linus for the NJVMA’s Animal Hall of Fame, but instead, the Foundation elected to grant the prestigious Animal Welfare Award to Susankelly for founding Mylestone, the first all-breed equine rescue in the state of New Jersey.

Susankelly, awarded both a medal and a plaque commemorating her receiving the Animal Welfare Award, is joined by Dr. Mary Beth Hamorski, (l.) and Dr. Katrina Alger (r.), both of Califon Animal Hospital, Califon, NJ.

Dr. Hamorski has been instrumental since Mylestone's inception as both a veterinarian and a valued Board Member in making Mylestone possible. It was an honor to be nominated by her. Dr. Katrina Alger, also of Califon Animal Hospital, attended the ceremony as well. Mylestone is also deeply grateful to Dr. Alger for her dedication to Mylestone’s horses. The vets from Califon work with us tirelessly, making it possible for us to provide the horses with the best chance of recovery.

Susankelly Thompson leading Mylestone mascot Linus at a recent Open House.

The New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association assists veterinarians in celebrating the human-animal bond through their nominations to the Animal Hall of Fame. They also support and develop a number of programs to further foster this bond and the well-being of animals as well as providing financial assistance to New Jersey veterinary students.

A now well-known program of the NJVMA is their annual Animal Hall of Fame induction and luncheon. Animals are celebrated in the areas of Professional, Therapy, Hero, and Companion, plus the NJVMA Animal Welfare Award is given to an outstanding contributor to the animal field. To be eligible for inclusion into the Animal Hall of Fame, one must be nominated by a veterinarian. You can read more about New Jersey animals that have received these awards at their Animal Hall of Fame web site.













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