Remembering Calvin

Calvin had a wonderful life. Susankelly rescued Calvin shortly before starting Mylestone Equine Rescue. Calvin was lame and unwanted. He had a wonderful bright personality and loved attention. He thought of himself as part of the family and never hesitated to let you know he wanted something.

On October 6th Calvin whinnied to us frantically while standing at the gate. He was sweating and in terrible pain from colic. Calvin had never colicked before and he was very painful. Despite attempts to help him, the vet felt he had a twisted his intestine. We tried to relieve his discomfort but we could not. He was humanely put down with his buddy Dillon nearby.

Calvin had been with Susankelly over 21 years. He truly had a wonderful life, and was king of his herd here on the farm. He had faithful friends, Dillon and Scout. Dillon was very loyal and devoted to Calvin. Scout was a year old when Calvin took him into his herd. Calvin enjoyed living out in a large field roaming at will but was always happy to come into the barn to be brushed and fussed with. Later on he came in for a lunch meal. He would frequently stand at the gate whinnying at us in the barn letting us know he was ready to come in now.

Calvin was truly loved by many. He was simply stunning to look at with his long black flowing mane. We miss him terribly; he was larger than life and let everyone know it. He commanded attention, pushing all the others aside to get to the fence for treats or to say hello. Calvin was a wonderful soul; the farm is very quiet without him.

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