Open Wide! It's Dentist Day at Mylestone

Each year the horses get a special visit, and this year it was September 22. It may not be the most exciting day of the year for them, but it sure is one of the most helpful ones for the horses and for the rescue as well. Our wonderful Dental Dream Team comes to the farm and takes care of the dental needs of all the horses in one day. Our veterinarian, Dr. Mary Beth Hamorski, was also present to provide whatever sedation particular horses may have needed to make the procedure go as smoothly as possible. Here's our wonderful team:

From left to right, equine dentists Brian Shaw, Dianne Frack, Bill Schultze, our veterinarian Dr. Hamorski, and dentist, Jim Edwards.

While horses may have different dental needs than people, theirs are no less important. Floating their teeth, (filing them down so they can chew properly), is routine and essential, a procedure all the horses receive. Some of the older horses or those with a history of problems with their teeth may also need extractions.

Bill Schultze works on Molly.

Dakota gets his teeth floated by Brian Shaw.

Mylestone is always appreciative of the excellent quality of dental work performed on our rescue horses, but we are also extremely grateful for the generosity of our dental team. They take care of all the horses' dental needs in one day and donate their time. This saves the rescue several thousand dollars for which we are just beyond thankful.

Dianne Frack working on a very tolerant Wyatt.

Jim Edwards works on one of his smaller patients, Misty.

Our Dental Dream Team is indeed a dream come true for both the horses and for Mylestone. Thanks, guys!















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