In Memory of Sweet Paco

We are very sad to share with you that Paco had to be put to sleep on the night of July 4th. He had gone off his feed one week earlier, and seemed lethargic. The vets were out three times in the next week to see him, and on Thursday, he seemed a bit better.

On Friday while we were feeding dinner, one of the volunteers noticed he was having trouble walking and seemed distressed. We took his temperature and it was 103˚. He was extremely neurological and was having trouble swallowing. When the vet arrived, she was deeply concerned at his condition. He could not walk in a straight line, staggering and swaying from side to side. His lungs sounded worse and the vet felt we were battling several issues. She was concerned he had EPM, (Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis), which would explain many of his symptoms, plus pneumonia. Paco has been dealing with COPD for a long time which is why he was sent to the auction. When we first saw him there, he was in the back pen and would have shipped for slaughter. We networked with other rescues to spare him from a horrible death, and gave him a new life where he got excellent care and plenty of love.

Paco left us very peacefully. It saddens us that we couldn’t have given Paco more time; but he was truly loved here, and his buddy Scarlett adored him. It broke our hearts to bring Scarlett to Paco so she could say goodbye. Maybe this is why she was so protective of him for all this time -- perhaps Scarlett knew he wasn’t well. He couldn't have had a better friend. Paco was such a good soul; he will truly be missed.

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