In Memory of Ginger

It is never an easy task to say goodbye to one of our horses, especially knowing how far they've come in their time with us. Ginger was a severe starvation case when we rescued her back in 2003; she was skeletal, needing to gain over 300 pounds. (Read Ginger's story here.)

She quickly acclimated to life on the farm, relishing every meal she ate and finding pasture buddies to while away the days with. Due to her experience of starvation, she could be quite feisty at feeding time, and didn't hesitate to kick the wall if we didn't get her meals to her fast enough. But we're sure she would agree - life at Mylestone was very good to her. Once aloof at Open House, in the last few years she mellowed and happily came to the fence to greet our visitors and be petted. Ginger had lots of spunk and seeing this gave us great happiness.

In the past month Ginger went off her feed and we knew something was wrong. We tried treating her with antibiotics, ulcer medications but to no avail. Despite our best efforts, Ginger just didn't want to eat, and she was noticeably drinking less as well. Another round of blood work showed that she was in kidney failure. It was so sad to see Ginger lose her sparkle, but there was no choice but to have her humanely put down.

Ginger had a real zest for life and many of the volunteers adored her. We miss her spunk; we just miss all of her. We trust her spirit is with us on the farm with the many other horses that lived their lives at Mylestone. We always wish they could have stayed a little longer, but Ginger, know you'll always live in our hearts.















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