Misty Rescued from Local Shelter

The local Hunterdon County shelter had to place all its livestock animals due to a pending court case. There were three mini’s left at the shelter and the placement planned for all three fell through. Mylestone reached out to help with the situation. Susankelly went with Dr. Hamorski to evaluate them about two weeks ago. We were told they had to be out by the end of the week.

Except there was nowhere for them to go.

Dr. Hamorski generously offered to take the 7 month-old colt and his gelded father to her farm. Misty was left; she is the mom to the 7 month-old colt. She is a small pony that had foundered in the past. She will require special care because of this condition. It was lack of proper care that caused Misty to founder before she arrived at the shelter.

We really didn’t have room to take Misty, but we were told the mare had to be out. She desperately needed proper hoof care, and we just couldn't let her suffer.

Dr. Hamoski X-rayed Misty this week and thankfully, she does not have serious complications from her founder and laminitic episodes. Our farrier was able to trim more of Misty’s hooves and she is doing better. Misty had been kept in a stall for many weeks, unable to go outside with the weather. She was so happy to be turned out in a paddock and run around. As you can see from her photos, she had a wonderful time in the snow, enjoying her freedom and just being outdoors again.

Misty is very friendly and enjoys attention from everyone. She really likes the interaction with the other horses, too. Although we really didn't have the room for Misty, we felt more than thanked by this little mare in her sheer happiness at finding people who cared, both for and about her.

We can’t begin to stress how important your sponsorship support to us really is. This year we lost several sponsors and questioned whether we could financially afford to take this little mini in addition to the 38 other horses already in our care. After seeing Misty, we knew she needed a home that could properly care for her medical needs before she could even be considered for adoption. So we look to you … all we can do is hope that you will appreciate this little sweetheart as we did and donate toward her expenses and/or become a monthly sponsor. Won't you help Misty?

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