A Sad Farewell to Apache

Sadly, we had to say `goodbye' to Apache March 5th. This winter was very hard on him with his arthritis from an old fractured hip. He has done so well under our care since he came to us over 7 years ago. Apache was headed to the auction for slaughter had we not stepped up and taken him in. Thanks to the generous donations of his sponsors he was able to get joint injections for his fractured hip which really helped him.

Apache's unique coloration made him a favorite at the farm, all his dots and spots. Apache was adored by one of our board members, Lois, and he wanted for nothing. He would put his rump up to the fence for a massage. He lived with Patty and Lucy, his mini monsters. He loved to lie down in the hay pile and force them to eat around him. He was a character, really. I miss looking out my windows and seeing him. Everyone who spends time on the farm misses him. In fact, anyone who ever knew him, however briefly, will miss him, as well.

Apache has done so well over the years and this sudden turn of events was completely unexpected. We believe Apache must have slipped and hurt himself because he became neurological behind. He struggled to walk and we did the only thing we could do, humanely put him down. We could never let him suffer. Apache left us knowing he was very well loved.

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