Feed the Horses for the Holidays!

One thing we love about the horses - they never want any fancy gift wrap and they never want to exchange an item for a different color or size. They are so appreciative to receive good food and have nice clean bedding.

Above, a grateful recipient for an earlier year's hay donation - Dillon!

Download the flyer here!

We use plenty of grain, especially for the horses who are older, have digestive issues or other medical problems and, of course, we feed more in the winter when it’s cold. Grain has now gone up to $22 per bag for most of what we feed. (But we are offering a special savings grain donation of 5 bags for $100!) For bedding ... it typically takes 3 - 5 bags of bedding to strip and refresh just one stall depending on the bedding needed. That’s an average of $18 - $24 PER STALL! (And despite careful mucking, the messier horses do push up the cost.)

Hay, grain and bedding may not be fancy gifts, but they’re perfect for our horses! And you can give that gift by making a selection from our flyer for whatever hay, grain or bedding you'd like to treat them to. Just download the flyer here, print out, and send the entire flyer with your donation to Mylestone -

Mylestone Equine Rescue
Holiday Feed and Bedding Donation
227 Still Valley Road
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

And the horses thank you!












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