Paco and Scarlett - Rescued and Together

Paco and Scarlett both came from the auction but had never met until Scarlett was rescued and temporarily placed on the same farm where we had Paco quarantined. It must have been Kismet!

Mylestone heard of Paco from some devoted horse lovers who told us about what a wonderful horse he was and that he was headed to the auction, possibly to slaughter. We networked with One Horse at A Time and Liberty Equine Rescue and were able to rescue Paco and have him quarantined through Liberty. We paid over $1,000 in medical bills for Paco during his two month quarantine until he was healthy enough to come to Mylestone. During that time, Scarlett was rescued and Liberty intervened and brought Scarlett to Paco's location. They immediately bonded and their relationship has continued since their arrival here.

Paco and Scarlett have adjusted well to life on the farm. Paco’s issues with his heaves come and go, and he is currently back on medication and doing better. Paco’s metabolic rate is increased with his breathing issues and the medication so it is harder for him to gain weight. He is currently being fed 4 times a day with a mash that he savors. He has problems eating hay because he is missing many teeth. He needs some sharp points on his teeth addressed as does Scarlett. Both horses are scheduled to have this taken care of soon.

Paco is a sweet horse, deeply devoted to his friend, Scarlett, and rarely leaves her side. Scarlett is a real cutie, quite full of herself and very friendly despite our having to clean food from her cheeks.

Please consider giving Paco and Scarlett a gift by donating to their care this holiday season.

Sadly, Paco passed away in 2014 due to neurological issues. For more on Scarlett and additional photos, visit her profile page - Scarlett.












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