Apache Hoping for Peace on Earth

Apache shortly after he arrivedWhen we take in rescue horses one can only wonder how they manage for so long suffering. Apache is one of those horses. Apache is a very sweet 17 year old spotted Appaloosa gelding. He worked very hard at a Western theme park for many years. He was no longer wanted when he couldn’t be ridden in their shows due to his injury. But his owner spared his life by offering him for free before sending him to slaughter, which was a step in the right direction.

However, Apache had been left for almost 2 years with a fractured hip. Nothing was done to promote healing and we doubt he was even checked out by a vet. When we took Apache in at the end of October, we were very disturbed at how much pain he was in. The vet was leaning towards putting him down. We asked her if anything could be done for him; she stated that she could inject his hip joint in hopes of relieving his pain and giving him more mobility. The medication needed for this was costly. Thankfully one of our sponsors generously donated the funds for us to try and save Apache. We have since had his hip injected and there is definite improvement in how he is walking, although it has taken over a month.

Apache can be seen favoring his rear legApache is still in quarantine because we discovered he also had mange when he came to us. We are now in the process of treating the mange as well as the ulcers Apache has suffered due to longstanding stress and pain. As Apache is stabilized, the initial intensive costs of his medications will diminish, and we expect he will be able to enjoy increased mobility and comfort with regular maintenance dosages for his hip. Due to Apache’s injury we do not feel that it’s safe for him to be turned out with other horses, so we are going to make him his own area with a shed where he can make friends over the fence.

Apache has been given a chance to know a kinder life, free of so much of the pain he suffered. But he needs your help. Donations are needed for his shed and round pen fencing, which will run between $2,000 and $3,000. Sponsoring Apache will also help with his medical maintenance. In the spirit of the Holiday Season, won’t you please support him and give Apache his very own peace on earth?

You can read more about Apache and sponsor him on his profile page as well. Thank you for caring.













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