Paco Arrives - Needs Your Support

Paco is a new gelding who has been in quarantine for the past two months; he arrived at the farm on Monday. He is thin and needs weight and also has CPOD, horse asthma. He does require special care. He wasn’t well enough to travel until now, but once arrived, has settled in really well. Paco is in his 20's, very sweet, and loves attention.

Paco would have gone to slaughter had three rescuers not stepped up to save him. He was once a beloved lesson horse that could no longer earn his keep and was dropped at the auction for slaughter. If the kids who knew him hadn’t reached out and shared how much they loved him and how great a horse he was, we wouldn’t have known about him or his situation.

We networked with Penny Austin from One Horse at a Time and Maryanne Opsal from Liberty Equine Rescue to help save his life. Paco needs sponsors and donations towards his care. Mylestone has already paid out over $1,000 in vet bills to get him healthy enough to travel to our farm. Please consider a donation towards his care or sponsor Paco.















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