Dentist Day for the Horses!

"Open wide, Wyatt!" Brian Shaw and Dianne Frack work together on a reluctant patient.

For the Mylestone rescue horses it was their lucky day, (though they wouldn't all agree), when our favorite team of equine dentists came out to examine them and take care of their dental needs. Bill Schultze, Jim Edwards, Brian Shaw and Dianne Frack spent the day at the farm and took care of all the horses in one busy day. Our vet, Dr. Christina Wilson, also came out to administer a little sedation for horses who needed lengthier work done or for our less cooperative patients.

Bill Schultze works on Calvin.

Horses don't get cavities like humans do, but they do have their own dental issues requiring their teeth to be floated, (any sharpness on teeth filed down so they can eat properly and comfortably), and occasional extractions on older horses or those whose teeth had been neglected in the past. It was an all day affair, but by the time Bill, Jim, Brian and Dianne were done, every Mylestone horse could flash you their pearly whites.

Jim Edwards begins work on a not very happy Apache.

We are extremely grateful to our dental team, not just for the outstanding job they do, but because they donate their services to Mylestone. At a general cost of $100/per horse, they easily save us over $3,000. A HUGE thanks to our own wonderful and wonderfully generous dental team.

Logan being very patient while Dianne Frack floats his teeth.

Our biggest patient, Scout, seems to just accept that Brian Shaw is going to give him a new smile.















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