A Souper Idea for Open House

“Hey! Could someone please open this soup for Dillon and me?”
“Uhhhh, Calvin ... I think that soup’s for the hungry ... not us!”

The horses are always so appreciative of the fact that they have plenty to eat, especially those who had been starved in their previous situations and knew what it was like to always be hungry.

At this year’s Open House they’d like to give back and help others who are hungry and may not know where their next meal is coming from. They’re asking that you bring one can of soup to Open House - just one, (but feel free to bring more if inspired) - for each person attending. The cans of soup will help feed the hungry and will benefit NORWESCAP’s Food Pantry of Phillipsburg and The Bridge Ministries in Easton which feeds the homeless every Wednesday evening.

Can you help the Mylestone horses’ mission to give back to the community? It only takes a can of soup. Thank you!